Sling Drift GamePlay:

Let’s confess. You have played some games that when picking up and finding nearly impossible to put down and there are other games you pick up and wonder why you ever even bothered, right? Sling Drift online will give you the joy if you master it and make you mad up if you fail several time. It’s up to your timing and reflexes. In this fast-paced racing game at Frivland racing games, your goal is to drive as far as possible. However, it’s not easy at all.

While the straightaways are no trouble, the road with many bends is a great challenge. You control a car with no brakes. It moves automatically. You must use a sling attached to the red anchor points to send your car into a drift and slide through the curves. You must release the sling at the right moment to be successful, otherwise, you'll fly off-road and have to start again.

The key to victory is timing. In the beginning, you can’t move far. However, practise makes perfect. After several failures, your result will improve over time because you will have experience in using and releasing the anchor at the right moment. Play and see how many curves can you pass through. Compete against your friends to have more fun. Who is the better driver? You or your friends? More racing games are waiting to challenge your driving skills on http://friv.land/ such as Blocky Cars and Fastlane Road To Revenge Online. Have fun!

Controls: Tap or click to use the sling.

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