Supercars Drift GamePlay:

Supercars Drift is more of a racing driving game at Friv.land. Welcome to races and championship. You take part in races and make drifts as many as you could. The primary factor is that you must drift and keep balance. Supercars Drift game of frivcom is very amusing and entertaining. How about speeding up? Let’s go!


Supercars Drift free game is a racing action game. You will become a real driver controlling a sports car. This is a single-player game. You are the only driver on the track. No one competes with you. You are comfortable to make drifts and race. You start right now and head off the finish line. Nevertheless, reaching the finishing line is not easy in frivcom games. The road is long, uneven, and bendy. You drive a blue sports car on the road. You race in a racing ground. Don’t bump into stuff!


It seems quite slippery. It has so many bends and it’s obvious that you have to win all of them. Making drift is the key to the success. You play several levels to win the game. Each level has different tracks and challenges. You drive in 1minute 5 seconds. After this duration, you end the game. How many levels can you win in 65 seconds? There are your record and map record. When you make good drifts, we give you praises and compliments. Try your best to keep balance on frivcom online games. Don’t slip away from the road!


Recommend this driving game to playmates as you have a liking for it. Assess it with 5 stars and leave feedback on our website. Don’t miss other driving games such as Crazy Stunt Cars and Extreme Car Driving at https://friv.land/.


How to play:

  • Use right arrow to move to the right.
  • Use left arrow to move to the left.
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