The Wisp GamePlay:

The Wisp is a simple yet challenging game about jumping. The main character of this game is an immaterial body of the Wisp. It looks like a blue flame. And its ultimate desire is to reach the Heaven door. Then at Friv arcade games, your mission is to fulfill its wish by helping it jump through tons of platforms in 100 levels. Yes, you have 100 stages to test your reflexes and have fun. Let’s warm up a little bit and start your jumping journey as a blue flame who wants to fly to heaven. So, you don’t have wings and it’s true.

To reach the heaven door, you have to jump through a series of platforms. Some of them are safe, others are dangerous. You don’t have much time to think about the next move because your character auto jumps. You have to guide it to go in the right way. Watch out for the red platforms. They will be broken with one jump. If you land on it but can’t reach the above platform, you may fall and die. It means that the game is over and you have to play once against.

On https://friv.land/, don’t worry if you find it too hard to reach the heaven door. You get help. Along the way, try to collect some power-ups. They will help you reach your goal. They are insanely useful. For example, the shield item protects you from all dangers and the wing item gives you a pair of wings to fly straight to heaven. By using wings, you won’t waste your time and effort to jump through each platform anymore.

Enjoy and after finishing all 100 levels, don’t forget to check out other games such as Invace Spaders and Zombie Madness.


Left and right arrow keys to play.

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