Squid All Challenges GamePlay:

How many games related to Squid Game have you ever played at https://friv.land/? Squid All Challenges is another option for all of you who love this movie series. Play as one of the participants, you will bet your life on huge prize money. To get that prize, you have to deal with 3 different challenges and survive. Those challenges are Red Light – Green Light, Dalgona Candy, and Glass Bridge. You have a limited time to finish each challenge.

To keep your life safe and succeed in bringing the huge prize home, it not only depends on your skills but also on your luck. If you fail in any challenges, you will be shot. After that, you can restart the game. So, the first challenge is Red Light Green Light. You probably already know this challenge. You have 30 seconds to reach the finish line. When the red light turns on, you stop. When the green light turns on, you quickly run ahead. If you keep moving whole the red light turns on, the guard will shoot you.

The second challenge of this cool friv 5 com player game is Dalgona Candy. All you need to do is to carefully cut out a shape or design such as an umbrella, a triangle, or a circle on a piece of honeycomb candy by using a needle without cracking it. You have 30 seconds to finish this challenge. The final challenge is called Glass Bridge. Here, you have to cross a bridge made of glass panels. You have to choose to jump and land on the left or right glass panels until you reach that side of the bridge.

If you land on a breakable panel, you fall. If you land on a safe panel, you can go ahead. You have to clear this challenge within 60 seconds. Good luck and try your luck in other fun games such as Jelly Phil 2 and Idle Space Business Tycoon

Instructions: Mouse.