Subway Squid Game GamePlay:

Subway Squid Game is an exciting endless runner game that features the bodyguard and robot doll from Squid Game movie series. Here at Friv games, you play as the bodyguard and your duty is not to guard and monitor the people in green uniforms. All you need to do is to run to escape from the robot doll who is chasing you. On the subway with 5 lanes, you have to move to the left and right to avoid crashing into oncoming trains and barriers.

It’s ok if you crash into obstacles about 1 or 2 times as soon as the doll hasn’t caught up with you yet but if you get hit too many times, you have to turn back to the starting point. In this fun game, your life is threatened by trains in front and robot dolls in the background. With a tiny mistake, your running journey ends immediately. You change the lane not only to avoid being crashed but also to collect sunlight. Sunlights are used to upgrade the power-ups and unlock new characters, hoverboards, and more.

On https://friv.land/, while running, you can collect the following special items: Jetpack, Super Sneakers, Diamond Vacuum, 2x Multiplier, Hoverboard, Balloon, and Diamond Frenzy. Their effect just lasts for a few minutes and you can increase the time of using these items by upgrading them in the store. With those items, your gaming experience is way more fun and enjoyable. Having said that if you lose your life, the game offers an option to you to respawn which is to watch a video.

You can watch a promotional video to respawn and resume from where you died if you don’t mind. Or simple to start once again. Wish you luck and have a look at other games such as Sir Bottomtight and Slap Master 3D.

Controls: Arrow keys to play.