Squid Game Escape Plan GamePlay:

Hundreds of contestants join Squid Game with the hope that they can get a huge reward. However, there are three of them who want to escape this competition, but they don't know that it's easy to join but hard to give up. Your mission in Squid Game Escape Plan at friv Games for free is to help them get out of the competition without being noticed. They can’t get caught. If they were discovered by the guards on the run, they will have to pay for what they have done.

Three contestants are standing inside a circle and what you do is to draw a line from that circle to the X, then three contestants will follow the line to go to the place marked by the X and escape successfully. It sounds simple but doesn’t forget that the Squid Game arena is heavily guarded by the bodyguards and equipment. You have to observe everything around you and make a wise plan.

Draw a path around the obstacles to avoid being detected. You don’t have to find a shortcut. A long path is ok as soon as they can get out of this hell. On friv adventure, take your time when you make an escape plan because you have unlimited time to figure out the best escaping path. The game doesn’t require you to complete each level within a certain amount of time. However, you have only one time to draw. If you do something wrong, you can’t fix it. Instead, you have to restart that level.

The life of three Squid Game contestants is in your hand. Free them in 40 levels filled with challenges and obstacles. You can make it. Enjoy this game and other awesome options such as Squid All ChallengesSquid impostor Escape and Squid Adventures.


Use your mouse to draw.