Stba. io GamePlay:

Io games are the best ones to play with many friends since all of the team can play in the same server, compete against each other and play with hundreds of other players as well. If you like this genre, how about take some time off and visit Stba. io online game from Friv play?

The first thing you should do in this game is to choose the red team or blue team. The theme of the game is a multiplayer combat on a vast battlefield. Your ultimate mission is to protect your base while killing your enemies at the same time. Since the players in this game are the real-time players, you can cooperate with your teammates to destroy the enemy bases and expand the territory.

During combat, don't forget to keep check of the energy bar to know your health, speed, and rank as well. The best part of this friv land game is the huge collection of vehicle and weapons. For example, you can choose Roller, a slow-moving tanky unit with tons of health and a fire explosive laser if you haven't mastered the movement or the gameplay yet. If you have progressed further into the game, you can take another pick like Javelin, a glass cannon artillery tank.

There are a lot of different choices for you in http://friv.land/. Numerous fighting games like Skyfight .io and Megaspin .io are available online for free!

How to play:

Choose and interact with your left mouse.

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