Stickman Army 3 GamePlay:

What game do you want to play today? A shooting game or an action game? Well, it’s better to play a fun and challenging tower defense game, isn’t it? If you think that you have played every single TD at Friv games, no, the list isn’t full yet. Another option just arrive. It’s called Stickman Army 3. If you ask how is this game, it has the same gameplay as Plants vs Zombies, pretty much.

In this fun strategy game, your main goal is to save your headquarter from renegades and troublemakers who are trying to occupy the most important buildings of your country, then they will dominate your country. Don’t let their plan come true. You have an army of elite soldiers and so do they but if you have a smart strategy and take control of your army well, you can defeat them at ease.

On https://friv.land/, there are 34 different classes available including Gunner, Landing assistant, Mr Bomber, Shielder, TNT Addict, and more. Each of them plays a different role in the battle. You activate them by using energies. Energies are dropped from the top of the screen. You collect them and use them to buy each unit. Then, you place your stickman in the lane that enemy will come. You can attack enemies from afar and enemies just can hit you when they come close to you. So don’t worry. As soon as you have a strong defense, enemies can’t put their feet on your HQ.

Of course, like other games out there, the game becomes much harder as you level up. You will deal with stronger and smarter enemies. So watch out! You can enjoy other games for free here such as STICKMAN BOXING KO CHAMPIAN and Stickman War 2022.

How to play: Place each soldier by your mouse.

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