Do you love stickman? Do you love boxing? Interestingly, two of your favorite things are here in STICKMAN BOXING KO CHAMPIAN. All stickman games available at Friv games are fun to play and this one is not the exception. You will become the top boxer in the world, of course, if you can beat every single opponent that you meet at each level.

Be ready before you enter the boxing ring because you will deal with the best boxers out there. They are great as you. You need to combine well between attack and defend to K.O your opponent. By defeating them, you can move to the next rounds. When your opponent attacks, you can quickly block that attack or dodge. When your time comes, you throw devastating punches and combos.

On https://friv.land/, both of you and your opponents have limited HP. If your HP runs out first, you lose. However, you still have a chance to recover your HP if you're quick enough. You have 10 seconds to restore your HP and so do your opponents. Both of you have a few times to come back to the battle after falling and the time to decide the winner will come. 20 levels mean you meet 20 opponents.

As you level up, the opponents you meet will become stronger. You have to take advantage of any chance you have to K.O them by using different types of punches such as jab, cross, hook, and uppercut. Enjoy your time here and after 20 levels, let’s have to look at the 2 following games: Drunken Tug War and Stickman War 2022

How to play: W to block the attack, AD to dodge, KO to punch, and ; key to use a combo.

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