Impostor Station GamePlay:

Impostor is an exciting and challenging puzzle game that tests your eyesight. It’s another simple but challenging game at Friv land. There are 17 stages equivalent to 17 impostors that you have to find. In each stage, you find a certain impostor about 3-5 times. If you find the wrong target at any time, you fail and you move to the next level. In a group of several impostors, the impostor that you have to find will flash and turn yellow for a few seconds before all of them start moving.

You have to keep an eye on that impostor and click or tap on him to reveal him. Once you succeed, that group of impostors will welcome a new member and they will move again. You have to follow the yellow impostor until all moves are completed. Each time you click or tap on the right impostor, you earn gold. The most challenging level may be the level in the space in which all impostors move so fast and the screen shakes non-stop.

At https://friv.land/, this is a game that requires you to stare at an object. If you blink, you will lose track and the only thing you can do is to randomly click or tap on a target in the hope that that object will be the one you have to find; therefore, a tip you should keep in mind is that try not to blink to keep an eye on the target without losing trace.

When you’re in the space, tap the asteroids if they pass to collect gold for extra points. That’s all about the game. Play and share your experience. Do not forget to explore more games such as Tanuki Sunset and Red Panda.

Controls: Tap or click.

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