Stickman Huggy Spooky Holiday GamePlay:

Stickman Huggy Spooky Holiday is the latest adventure game that has the same gameplay as several games that you can find and play for free at https://friv.land/. Here, you will join Red and Blue Huggy in a candy–collecting adventure on a scary night. Both of them want to have as many candies as possible for Halloween and they need your help. Besides collecting candies, they also need to pick up the golden key to come back home.

This game can be played by 1 player or 2 players on the same device. To clear a level and unlock the next one, you have to meet some requirements. Firstly, collect all candies. Secondly, pick up the golden key. Finally, Red Huggy and Blue Huggy reach the exit. They don’t need to reach the exit at the same time. That’s why you can play this game alone. Make sure that you keep both of them safe because if just one of them dies, you have to restart that level.

Adventuring at night may not be a great idea because there are so many scary things outside. If one of two characters hit an obstacle or a creature, there is no way to save them, to make them respawn in this friv com school game, except for playing that level once again. Time your jump when you have to pass any gaps to make sure they won’t fall into the gaps and when you have to pass any deadly traps.

Jumping over the dangers sounds easy and simple but if you make that move at the wrong moment, you may fail to land. That’s all about this game. Enjoy the adventure with Huggy Wuggy and get ready for new adventures in other games such as Matchman PUBG and Stickman Hook Rescue.

How to play: Player 1 uses arrow keys and player 2 uses WASD.