Matchman PUBG GamePlay:

Matchman PUBG is a fun and challenging endless jumper game in which you will jump your way through all floating platforms and set an unbreakable record. Its name may make you confused. It’s not a battle royale game that you can find at friv best Games. It’s all about jumping. The game offers 3 modes including normal mode, countdown easy mode, and countdown hard mode. What you do in the three modes is the same.

The difference is that in the normal mode, you won’t be under the pressure of time. You jump until you can’t jump anymore. Your goal here is simply to jump as far as possible. In the countdown easy mode, you have to jump to the furthest within a given time but it’s easier than countdown hard mode. You can jump once at a time or make a double jump to move from this platform to that platform. You can use a bunch of balloons floating between two platforms to make it easier to go further.

Here at https://friv.land/, if you fail at jumping and you fall, you lose your life and you have to start from the beginning. However, the point is you need the energy to start a new jumping journey and you have only 3 available energies. If you need more energy to keep playing, you have to wait until it recovers. Your achievement is expressed by the number of meters you have passed.

Try to set a new record each time you restart the game with a perfect move every time. Timing your jump to get the next platform instead of losing your life in the bottomless gaps. Good luck and have fun with other awesome games such as Stickman Fight and Stickman Temple Wars

How to play: Mouse.

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