Huggy Wuggy vs Zombies GamePlay:

Huggy Wuggy vs Zombies is a shooting game that you can find its gameplay in several shooter games at friv best Games. It’s about a battle between Huggy Wuggy and Zombies. Of course, you are on Huggy Wuggy’s side and what you do in this game is to help this purple monster defeat all zombies. Each level requires you to kill a certain number of zombies within a given number of bullets. If bullets run out but a zombie is still alive, you fail. It’s just about aiming and shooting at each zombie.

The key is to how to aim and shoot accurately to not waste any bullets. Each shot that will kill at least one target is definitely what you want. Yes, you need to make sure that, so you can finish each level with at least one star. On some levels, you can’t shoot at the target directly. Instead, you shoot at the wall and the bullet will bounce off. The key is still how you aim. Can you see that the number of bullets you get has 2 different colors?

Here at https://friv.land/, if you can kill all zombies with the yellow bullets, you will get 3 stars. However, if you use all yellow bullets then use the black ones, you will get 1 or 2 stars. How many stars you earn doesn’t matter. It doesn’t affect how you unlock the new level. As long as you shoot down enemies within a given number of bullets, you win and you can explore the next stage.

That’s all about this game. If you want to know more about the game, just explore it by yourself. Besides, make sure you check out other interesting games such as Force Master 3D and Lord of the Knights

Instructions: Mouse.