Street Driver GamePlay:

No one can control 2 cars at the same time unless it is a toy car and they have a controller, right? Now, a game challenging driving game called Street Driver puts you in a test that requires you to drive 2 cars at once. Yes, it's not a misunderstanding. At play friv games 2020, you don’t race against other racers or race against speed and time, as usual, you must race against yourself.

2 cars appear on the screen and you have to control both of them and try to avoid they crash into each other while dodging roadblocks. It sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? It’s hard at the beginning because you have to be familiar with the controls and combine well between hands and eyes to observe carefully and act fast. Besides, you also need to collect every single star along the way. If you miss one, the game is over.

So there are so many things to care about and this requires you to put a lot of skills and effort. On http://friv.land/, your main goal is to drive as far and get as many scores as you can. This challenge can make you give up or encourage you more. Switch the lanes of 2 cars to stay safe. As the game processes, cars are speed up slowly. This makes the gameplay double difficult. So are you able to complete this challenge? Good luck! After that, enjoy other games to get more fun such as Stickman Exxtreme Racing and Tractor Trial.

Instructions: 4 or navigation key left to change the lane of the left car. 6 or navigation key right to change the lane of the right car.

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