Street Fight GamePlay:

Fighting games come with many new applications, new updates, and brilliant challenges nowadays. Street Fight from Friv online website is one of the cool games for the fan of this genre. It's time to show off your boxing skills, punch, kick and defeat the other players!

The game has the arcade theme with pixelated graphics and multiple characters for you to choose. Like in any fighting games, in order to be the last one standing and stay at the top of the board, you will take part in many battles. On each level, first, assess the ability and the strength of the opponent. Then, use your technique and power to come up with the best strategy to win. Try to survive for as long as possible and kill more enemies. Are you ready to explore all the locations for battles at http://friv.land?

You can choose to fight in Sunset Avenue, Frozen Overpass or the Mean Street. If you don't know how to control the character, don't worry because, at the beginning of the game, you will get to go through a simple yet clear tutorial. Keep in mind that the enemies will come in packs to attack you, yet your energy bar is limited.

Therefore, we recommend that all players should keep an eye on the bar on the top of the game screen to keep track of the energy left. Fight your way to the top with more fun games such as Bob The Robber 4 Japan and Florescene!

Instructions: Change the direction and attack the enemy by dragging and clicking the left mouse.

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