Super Cars Stunts GamePlay:

Another insanely driving game has come to https://friv.land/. Its name is Super Cars Stunts. There are only 10 levels here. However, you may have to spend a lot of time finishing each level. Why? Because it’s indeed challenging. You will drive on the floating platforms and it’s easy to fall off the platform. Each level requires you to reach the finish line within a given time. You may think that you should drive at high speed all the time to cross finish time before time runs out.

However, only do that if you can master the speed. Otherwise, drive at medium speed or even drive slowly and you still have enough time to clear that level. Driving at high speed always brings you excitement and satisfaction but you should know when to speed up and when to slow down. For example, when you have to fly over the gap between 2 platforms, let’s accelerate.

Or when you pass the turns and twists in this friv racing games, just slow down. When you pass them successfully, you can speed up. Clear the current level to unlock the next one and you should always be ready because the later levels are much more challenging than the previous ones.

There are two reasons making you fail at a level. The first reason is you fall off the platform and the second one is time is over while you haven’t reached the finish line yet. Don’t be afraid of failure because you can always restart that level. You gain experience whenever you fail. Keep it in your mind. Enjoy your free time here and make sure you dig in our game collection to enjoy other fun games such as Stunt Santa and Run Santa Run.

Instructions: Arrow keys.

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