Run Santa Run GamePlay:

Run Santa Run is one of the best games for Christmas that you don’t want to miss if you are finding something fun for that special holiday. It’s the latest endless runner game. So, what are you gonna do with Santa Claus this time? Your mission is to help Santa Claus to run as far as possible and collect as many Christmas gifts as you can. Don’t know why Christmas gifts that Santa has worked so hard to prepare are scattered on the street.

The street is busy right now. If you aren’t careful, our Santa Clause will be hit by traffic or trash. Time your action to make him jump over each obstacle. Vehicles are coming to him. If he fails to jump over them, his jumping journey will end there. Collecting a maximum of gifts is not an easy mission. However, you don’t have to pick up every single present. Leaving some behind is ok.

The game ends only when Santa Claus crashes into something. Here at friv land, one tip to run to the furthest is to look ahead and pay attention to what is happening in front of your eyes. Don’t pay too much attention to the gifts. If your mind always focuses on collecting every single gift, you will get distracted and easily fail. Then, don’t try to collect all the gifts. Of course, each gift gives you a lot of scores.

However, you have so many chances to collect gifts later on; therefore, don’t put Santa Claus at risk. Besides, this game gets progressively harder as the running speed of Santa and the moving of the vehicles increase. Furthermore, more obstacles appear to block Santa. Have fun and check out other interesting games such as Dirt Bike Max Duel and Stunt Santa.

Controls: Mouse.