Super Chick Duck GamePlay:

Are you ready for a new fun adventure across a hot desert, jungle at night and a wasteland? Super Chick Duck promises to bring you an exciting and fun experience ever. It’s a perfect combination of an endless runner game and adventure game in which you play as a chicken warrior equipped with a powerful gun.

Your mission is to reach the end of the adventure by shooting down all enemies that you encounter along the way and pass through all dangerous obstacles at friv kids Games. The rule is simple, but its gameplay is insanely challenging. Your character runs automatically. All you need to do here is to help him jump, fly over the obstacles.

You have only 3 lives in each turn. If you hit the obstacles, get stuck or touch your enemies, you lose a life. Don’t worry. You can always add more lives by collecting the item with a red heart on http://friv.land/. Along with your journey, you also collect some power-ups like wings - help you fly higher than usual or a bolt - improve your shoot.

However, the running speed of your character is quite high, so the game requires you to react fastly and take action at the right time to avoid dangers. Each time you play, you earn some cups. These cups are used to unlock the new worlds in the game. Start your endless adventure in 3 different worlds and let’s see how far you can go. Enjoy every moment here and have more fun in other games such as Gater and Donut Shooter.

Controls: Use your left click to jump over the obstacles.

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