Chick Landing GamePlay:

Chick Landing certainly appeals you at Friv.land. You are a chicken flying in the sky. You will build up your courageousness and master the flying skill. So amazing! Try to be the last survivor on friv.com 100 games. Chick Landing game is very easy to play. Join our air force and prove that you are a pro.
Welcome to the Chick Landing! You will enjoy great moments and play happily on our website. You play the role of a cute chicken and flying over the dangerous sky. You play the role of a yellow chick falling down. You don’t know why you are in trouble in friv.com 100 games. Your purple hat is falling too. Your mission is to avoid falling out of the screen and touching obstacles. When the objects appear from above, you must fly down. If objects turn up below, you should fly up.
You must fly as long as possible. Dodge other birds. If you crash into them, you will be injured and lose a life. Those birds are pink in friv.com 100 games free. Green planes fly in the air. Besides, there are small parachutes bringing a pinky heart. Their moving directions are different. Some birds fly in the straight line while some fly in roundabout route. Therefore, it’s very dangerous to face them. Keep away from feathered animals. Their speed is the same. You find it hard to dodge them.
Take advantage of your brilliant mind and quick-reacting ability to overcome challenges. Be aware of flying objects! They are going to kill you on friv.com 100 games online. We give you only one life. Don’t waste it. Move fast and evade obstacles. When you touch any objects, the game will end. You can restart at once. Another mission is to get scores. The longer you survive, the more points you gain. Your point and best score will be shown after the game is over.
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  • Use the mouse to tap the screen and control the chicken.
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