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Duck Hunter is the story about the life of a dog and ducks at Friv.land. This game warms the cockles of players’ heart.  Attend the hunting season and take back birds. Aiming and shooting skills are very essential. Duck Hunter game is so spellbinding that you can’t give a cold shoulder to it on Friv 4 school play now. 


Duck Hunter free game is available on our site. You go to visit a countryside village which is very peaceful and beautiful. You meet a dog which is sleeping. He is dreaming about ducks. Maybe that is his favorite toys. He is addicted to hunting ducks. However, he can’t fly in Friv 4 school play now games. You will shoot ducks down and let him grab them.   


You hide behind a bush and use a shotgun to kill birds. Move the scope to aim at the duck and shoot bullets. Remember to aim exactly and shoot as quickly as a flash. If you eliminate ducks, they will fall down the green field at Friv 4 school play now online games. Then the dog runs and takes them. The game has many rounds. Ten ducks appear one by one in each round. Ducks are in various colors like black, brown, and blue. 


You have three bullets to shoot one duck. If you fail to shoot exactly, the ducks will fly away. Each duck just turns up in some seconds. Take your time! Don’t let them fly away! To pass the next round, you shoot at least 6 ducks. You get 1000 points as you shoot one duck down. If you can’t kill ducks, the dog will get angry. 


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  • Use the arrows or WASD to move the scope.
  • Use Space bar to shoot. 
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