Super Cute Cat GamePlay:

The world used to be filled with adorable cats, but now, mutated cats have appeared. As one of the cute cats left in Super Cute Cat at friv Games to play, you’re in charge of protecting the world from mutated cats. Kill them before all the cute cats left are turned into mutated cats. You have only one move to defeat enemies which are tactical jump. Yes, you don’t have a gun, knife, or a special spell to eliminate each of them. Just time your jump to send them to hell.

Each level requires you to kill a specific number of mutated cats. When all mutated cats are killed, the next level is unlocked and you keep doing your mission. Be careful each time you jump. Do not approach the enemy too close. Stay apart from the enemy a short distance and jump right on their head. That’s it. With a simple but effective jump, no one can stop your way to saving the world.

Like every single level-based game at https://friv.land/, the challenging level of this game also increases. You should be always ready to deal with many obstacles and challenges ahead. On the way, remember to collect candies, even though candies are not served for any purposes. When it comes to obstacles, watch out for the deadly traps as well. You don’t have a second chance to correct your mistake because you have only one life on a level.

Before you protect the world, try to protect yourself first. Good luck and after finishing all levels here, do you want to embark on a new adventure? Check out House of Hazards and Pink Pants!

Instructions: Arrow keys.

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