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Cute Puppy Care is nothing short of an adorable pet simulator game on Friv.land. Some helpless dogs are wounded. They need your help. You will be curing them. You become their owner. Take care of puppies. Give them a bath and feed them. Cute Puppy Care game of games friv is very fabulous and wonderful.


Cute Puppy Care free game is an occasion to take care of a poor homeless dog and nurture your love. If you are an animal lover, you shouldn’t miss this game. Learn tips and steps to cure and care about a puppy. Choose one of the lovely dogs. There are three puppies with three fur colors. One has black fur, one has brown fur, and the other has ivory fur. Select one dog to help it at games friv online.


The dog is dirty and injured. You will kill fleas on his skin by spraying pesticide. Clean its fur. Put it on a big basin. Use a shower to pour water on it. Use a sponge to apply soap and make bubbles. Wash it again by water. Use a big towel to dry it. Use Q-tip to dry its ears. Cut its nails. Comb its fur so that the fur is tidy. It looks good right now.


You have to give it a medical treatment in games friv player for school. You check the heartbeat and temperature. Inject it with medicine. Use bandages to cover injury and graze. Apply medicine to scratches. Use cute gauze and bandage to cure injuries. He is healthy now. He seems hungry. Take a bowl and package of pet food. Put food in the bowl. Feed the puppy. Give it water to drink. Let’s see which food the dog loves. It hates broccoli and cucumber. It likes beef and sausage.


If you are fond of this game, introduce it to friends and rate it highly. Make remarks on it so that we know how players feel about this game. Join animal simulator game like Barbie With Little Wolfhound and Elsa Save Sven at https://friv.land/.



Use the mouse to play.

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