Pink Pants GamePlay:

A man who is wearing pink pants needs your help right now. He can’t find the way out of the land of goo. If he touches the slimy substance, he will get stuck forever and can’t go home. In a game called Pink Pants at friv Games to play, your ultimate goal is to help the Pink Pants man get out of the land of goo safely. Its gameplay is the same as any endless runner game or Flappy Bird and its versions out there.

It means the game is over only when our main character hits pipes. The man in pink pants has to fly through the tunnels of pipes filled with sticky substances without touching any obstacles. To make it, you have to time your click or tap. You have to keep the man as level as possible. If you do nothing, the man won’t come up or go down. You have to make him rise and fall to the right height for the pipes to go through them.

Just like Flappy Bird that you can also play at https://friv.land/, you need patience and practice to play this game. You may feel your blood pressure rising after a few minutes because you fail right after you start the game. You need to adjust your approach on the high pipe to not to rise on the way out and also don’t click too soon when going down.

It’s hard and confusing at first but with a little practice, your total of points will improve. Have a safe journey and make sure you check out our latest games added every day. Some of the best options for you are Hop Out and Monster Rush 3D

Instructions: Up/down arrow keys or mouse.

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