Super Fighting GamePlay:

A new tower defense game just arrives at Friv 2021. It promises to bring to you a great gaming experience with something both similar and different in gameplay. Its name is Super Fighting. If you have played Plans Vs Zombies before, you find this game quite similar to that famous one. Aliens are about to dominate your base. You have to build a strong robot army to kill aliens before their plan succeeds.

In the beginning, you have 2 robots. One generates energy which is necessary for other types of robots to work and another one is in charge of attacking. After the first and second levels, more types of robots are unlocked. Energy plays as money in this game. This item is used to buy robots. With some given energies that you have before the battle starts, you can buy one energy robot to generate energies during the match. Then, you can use energy to buy more robots.

On https://friv.land/, you place robots on the lane that aliens arrive. Some aliens wear armor that makes you find it hard to defeat them. As you level up, more powerful aliens appear. However, don’t worry. You will have new types of robots which are also more powerful to deal with enemies. Also, those new robots cost a lot. You have to manage your energies to enhance your robot army.

One more thing you may want to know is that you have a certain number of slots to choose what types of robots you want to bring to the battle. You choose your favorite ones from several available ones and the battle can start. That’s it. It’s time to fight. Break a leg and don’t forget to enjoy other interesting games such as Stickman War 2022 and Drunken Tug War.

How to play: Use your mouse to place robots.