Javelin Fighting GamePlay:

When playing Javelin Fighting, you are over the moon in Friv.land. Get stuck on the battlefield. You face enemies and fight for your life. Javelins are weapons. Make use of skills to hurl spears at opponents. Javelin Fighting game of all friv games is really captivating. Why don’t we come to blows right now?


Javelin Fighting free game requires concentration. You must throw harpoons at rivals exactly. You see yourself in an ancient mystical castle. You are standing on a pedestal. Another player is opposite you. This is one-player 1 vs 1 game. Two fighters throw spears at each other on all friv games online. The warrior falls down firstly will be the loser. Just launch javelins. Don’t think over!


You will have to hurl harpoons at the enemy to kill him. The opponent attacks you in a row. He also throws spears at you. You are injured when a javelin hits you. You cannot dodge attack waves. So does your enemy.  Your mission is to throw and throw at all friv games for free. A number of javelins are unlimited. Launch them quickly and exactly.


The enemy will die immediately as he gets a headshot. Try to make headshots to knock enemies down. Kill or be killed. The only choice is to destroy opponent as soon as possible. Control the harpoons. Regulate direction and power. Aim at the enemy and launch spears in all friv games for school. A health bar shows your life. When you are injured, the green loses a little. Since the bar runs out of green color, you lose the fight. Replay to play again. 


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  • Drag the left mouse to aim and release to hurl javelins.
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