Skate Hooligans GamePlay:

A great game just arrived on Friv Land, explore it now or you miss a fun game of your life. Skate Hooligans is about a little hooligan who plays with his ball and hits a window, making the glass break. Unfortunately, the policeman witnesses everything and he is about to catch the kid. Play as this naughty boy, you have to run away from the policeman by using your skateboard. Its gameplay is quite similar to Subway Surfers.

You have to skate through narrow, busy streets filled with traffic and obstacles. How can you escape from the policeman chasing you behind and avoid all dangers coming to you? Take advantage of your skateboard skills and go as far as you can. On Friv Land, you have some missions to complete as well such as collect a certain amount of coins in your first play or avoid some obstacles and so on.

With each completed mission, you’re rewarded with coins. With coins you get from missions and collect while running, you can upgrade bonuses, buy cool skateboards and unlock new characters. Along the way, you also collect some power-ups such as the magnet collects all coins around, the police car can overcome all obstacles, X2 doubles the coins you get and more. The core of this game is to avoid and dodge obstacles. You have to slide, jump over, move to the left and right accordingly to keep your life safe from all threats.

You don’t want to be captured by the policeman and don’t want to crash into the barriers or cars, do you? Then, stay focused and be well-prepared to overcome all challenges. Have fun and check out other games such as Candy Shuffle Match-3 and .

How to play: Arrow keys or swipe to play.

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