Capture The Chickens GamePlay:

Capture The Chickens is one of the best platformer games that brings you to an interesting adventure with Ariel. Ariel grows a flock of chickens but they somehow escape from the barn and run around. Ariel has to capture them all before sunset. At Friv Land, can you help her? You and Ariel won’t catch the chickens by hands, traps, or weapons. You use a wand.

Each level requires you to catch a certain number of chickens but you aren’t limited by time, only by life. You have only 3 lives. However, you can collect apples along the way to gain more lives. Don’t forget to collect diamonds as well. You don’t want to leave these shining crystals behind for sure, do you? You get hurt by touching chickens and obstacles. To keep your life safe, you approach them closely enough to cast the spell and capture them in the bubble. If you hit them, or they run through to you, you lose a life.

On https://friv.land/, like other games, when you get hurt too many times and your lives run out, you fail and you get to play the current level again. As you level up, you face more challenges in the chicken capturing journey. However, you hardly overcome some first level with only one try. Whether it’s the first level or final level, it’s still challenging. Challenges don’t mean it’s boring. You have so much fun here and you don’t want to end your journey at the final level for sure.

One tip you should keep in mind is that just approach them closely enough, not too close. Have a great journey and check out more enjoyable games such as Hitman Rush and Merge Dungeon.


WASD or arrow keys to move, L or X to shoot.

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