Wall Holes GamePlay:

Wall Holes is a new and interesting game at Friv.land. Have you ever make an arrangement of blocks? You must make up suitable blocks in such a way that they can go through moving walls. It is a strange game which needs speed and brilliance. Wall Holes game captures your heart for the first time you play it in fiv games.

Wall Holes online game is played for free on our website. This is a 3D game. There are holes with different shapes on the walls. Your mission is to control a white block to form the same shape with the hole in the wall and pass through the wall. Don’t forget to get gold when moving the white cube on fiv games 2018. Pink blocks can’t move. A white block can move to form shape.

The walls will run to blocks quite fast. You must be in the zone. Take a quick look and control the white block to make up the right shape. If you are slow, you won’t arrange the same shape. When you form wrongly, the white cube turns red and blows up at fiv games for free. Be careful! Holes in the wall have so many shapes, so you are never going to get bored.

If you cannot make up the right shape, the blocks will not match the hole. You will lose the game because you just have a life. Fortunately, you may restart immediately. Play more and more to master your skill. The game may be difficult at first, but if you practice much more, you will be able to win this game and overcome all challenges on fiv games com.
Fixed blocks are pink and you control the white cube. The road can change color after a wall runs to the blocks. We record your scores and gold coins which appear in the game. Give it a try! Move the white block fast and exactly to pass through walls successfully.

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How to play:

  • Use arrows to control the white block.
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