Sweet Run GamePlay:

Sweet Run is a unique combination of the endless runner game, adventure game, and platformer game that bring you to a pastel world. This world looks sweet and beautiful that makes your adventure more enjoyable. At Friv Land, there is a cute donut who is living a happy life with sweet but now it’s being hunted by a hungry giant monster. To keep its life safe, you have to help it pass all obstacles and reach a safe place while collecting as many candies as possible.

Here, you have to run, roll and jump to reach your goal. Make sure you don't get stuck on any obstacles because the monster will catch the donut and swallow it. It means you have to start that level once over again. The world of this game is so bright and colorful. You will see the mountains are made of jam, roads are made of tasty stuff, and pools are filled with hot chocolate.

However, don’t let yourself fall into the hot chocolate. It’s tasty but dangerous. On https://friv.land/, you can unlock new skins with the candies that you have collected and your journey won’t end soon because the game offers 210 levels in total. Awesome! You also get help from special items that appear on the level such as hearts and magnets, even though their effect just lasts a few seconds.

Don’t let the beautiful nature of the game make you distracted. You will deal with more challenges as the pace will be faster as you level up. Be quick because you don’t have time to rest. Enjoy it and explore more fun games such as and Save The Rag Doll.

How to play: Arrow keys or mouse to control the donut.

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