Save The Rag Doll GamePlay:

Save The Rag Doll is a simple but fun and challenging game where you have only one mission is to protect the vulnerable ragdoll from dangers. Easy to play and hard to master, it’s much more challenging than you expected. Here at friv for school free Games, rather than controlling the ragdoll to move around and dodge the deadly objects. You have to use the shield above him to disable those dangers.

Once the shield touches spikes, blades, and such things, you get 1 point. Bombs also appear. However, don’t touch the bombs. Just stay away from it because even the shield can’t protect the ragdoll from the explosion. Because the ragdoll is hung by a rope and connect to the shield, when you move the shield the rad doll also swings around. You have to be careful because the ragdoll easily hits the spikes at the bottom, top, left, and right sides of the screen.

On https://friv.land/, it’s better to move slowly. Sound scary but don’t worry if the ragdoll loses some body parts. The game just ends because of 2 things: the ragdoll gets too much damage and runs out of HP, and the shield is broken. Besides, you don’t have to clear all the traps. You can avoid some if the shield can’t reach any of those blades or spikes. Your ultimate goal is to get as many scores as possible, then keep the ragdoll surviving is the key.

Over time, the moving speed of those deadly objects increases, and more bombs appear. You will have a hard time for sure. Good luck and set your own record. After that, have a look at other awesome games such as Candy The Rope and.

How to play: Finger or mouse to move the shield.

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