Cat Rolling GamePlay:

Cat Rolling is a puzzle game about a rolling cat who wants to catch all the stars. This game is not too hard, so every player can pick up and play, even kids. Here at friv online Games, every game tests you with different challenges and requires you to finish a certain mission. This game is not an exception. 12 levels are 12 challenges in which you have to help the cat avoid obstacles and reach the exit while collecting all 3 stars if it’s possible.

The key point to avoid obstacles and collect stars is to jump. This cat automatically rolls and you just need to make it jump at the right time to keep its life safe and collect the star. You need at least one star to move to the next level. Collect at least 1 star and get the key to open the door and the next level will be unlocked.

On https://friv.land/, this cat just has only 1 life in each level and there is no power-up. So, you have to be careful in every move. If you collect the key and reach the exit but you don’t have any stars, you lose, and playing that level once again is unavoidable. Remember to jump to overcome all obstacles and collect each star. Timing is the key because when the cat passes by the star, it cannot return. The cat can only move ahead. Don’t worry if you lose a certain level, you won’t have to play again from the level 1but only the current one.

Good luck and make sure you check out our collection of games. There is so much fun here. Some of the best choices for you are Happy Halloween and Grenade Toss.


Left click to jump.

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