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Theft When Proceeding is an interesting action game at Friv.land. Play the role of a thief breaking in through water pipes. You will be over the moon while playing Theft When Proceeding game of fiv game. Fleeing from the scene of crime brings you an unforgettable experience. Act as a bad guy. Why not?

The Theft When Proceeding is a fascinating game. Your mission is to enter a tower successfully to steal money. You have to complete 3 stages namely climbing, stealing, and runaway. In the climbing part, you will climb up big water pipes. It is a safe way to break into the building. There are 3 pipes leading to the apartment you want to approach. You move continuously in 60 seconds in fiv online game. If you don’t finish the climbing task in the limited time, you will lose your turn and begin a new game. Many things fall down from the roof such as paper sheets, cans, bottles, and flower pots. Pieces of paper are harmless. Other things are dangerous, however. When they hit you, you will die immediately. Avoid them by jump on other pipes. Move fast and flexibly! Moreover, you can get coins on the way.

After having a victory in the first task, you will forage money in an apartment. Take golden coins and hide under the table when a guard appears on fiv game for school. We give you a sign when he is coming.  Watch out! If the guard catches you, the game is over.  You must complete this part in 60 seconds. The last part is the runaway. Use a parachute to escape. Many rockets are going to attack you. Dodge them to land on the ground safely.  You also do this mission in 60 seconds. You may see your points on the display.

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Use the arrows to move.

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