The fun platform puzzle game Money Movers is back with it’s awesome second installment. Go and get the ultimative Money Movers 2 for free to play at friv.land!

Money Movers 2 is one of our selected Puzzle Games on Frive game. These two grinders are back at it again. This time they are infiltrating into prison to get their dear father out.

After the two brothers escaped prison, they have another mission: Taking their father out of jail. Go back to that horrible place and sneak around to save daddy and earn some more money.

You should apply your observing skill, critical mind, and intelligence to solve troubles during playing. Two guys help each other to get money and get away from the jail. For example, the small guy presses a button to unlock a door which stops the big guy from going ahead in the Frive player games.  

There are so many levels for you to complete. Two characters have to overcome challenges and obstacles to take all money bags and pass each level. After completing a level, you can replay or play the next level at once at Frive online game.

We supply a level map which gives you hints to finish the levels as fast as possible. It is very useful and easy to follow. Try it now!

How to play:

  • Control both characters using their abilities smartly to clear every stage until you get your job done.
  • Don’t get spotted by guards, laser alarms and avoid getting shot at.
  • Think how to get to the exit door of every level collecting all 3 bags of cash.

Help the robbing brothers to help their father escape from prison in this mobile tablet version of the game Money Movers 2.  If you like puzzle games, you will love the cool Bob The Robber 4 at http://friv.land/


  1. Arrows = move big guy,
  2. Space = grab objects,
  3. WASD = move small guy
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