Thewire .io GamePlay:

Thewire.io is a multiplayer game in which you can experience the mechanism of the io games. Despite this genre being more popular nowadays, many still haven't grasped the basic gameplay and the rules of them. In this new game, each player has his own color. Your character can move around the map, but you can only touch the same color as yours. There are some special color strings such as the white ones.

If your character touches the white strings, it will become your own color. Take the time to explore all the modes in this game. For example, in the Claim mode, your ultimate task is to collect all the available diamonds of the same color. The best player is the last one standing. Only by growing in size and power will you be able to conquer the battlefield using your own wire. For the new players, if you haven't mastered the movement of your character, take the time to move through the map and collect different colored objects in order to increase in size.

Moreover, keep track of the power bar on the top of the game screen to control the energy of your own wires and others'. This Friv game online has smooth transitions and colorful graphics, along with the real-time players who can communicate with you during a match. If you want to try out more io games such as Classic Snake.io and CatMouse.io, don't hesitate to check out the site https://friv.land/

How to play:

Change direction with arrow keys or the mouse.

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