Bubble Gun Beach GamePlay:

Bubble Gun Beach is a fun shooter game at friv Games for boys that will keep you hooked with its exciting gameplay. You are enjoying your summer vacation on the beach and giant crabs appear and try to attack you. Let’s turn this battle into something fun. Your holiday will much more amazing. So, hold your powerful bubble gun tightly and get ready to shoot every single crab. There are 30 levels in total and in each level, you have to defeat a certain number of giant crabs. If you get attacked by a crab, you will lose some HP and of course, when your HP runs out, you lose.

Don’t let the crabs approach you. When they come close to you, move back to defend and shoot at them. Whenever you see a crab appear, you should kill it immediately. You don’t want to be surrounded by several crabs for sure. Don’t worry. You don’t have to kill all the crabs within a given time. As long as all crabs in one level are killed, you succeed and you can move to the next level and deal with more challenging missions.

Just like other level-based games at https://friv.land/, as you advance, the difficulty increases significantly. What kinds of challenges await you at later levels? No one knows. You must experience it to find out the answer. One-shot one-kill is impossible here but try your best to deal damage to crabs with each attack. They won’t come to you if you don’t attack them but once you shoot at them, they will approach you.

That’s why you need to aim and shoot accurately. Have a great time here and make sure you give other games a try such as Stickman vs Poppy Army and Huggy Wuggy vs Zombies.

Instructions: WASD or arrow keys to move, Left click to shoot.

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