Timeshift 165 GamePlay:

Any ordinary racing game allows you to race against the tough opponents all over the world. However, have you ever raced against the time? Only in Timeshift 165 free game will you have the chance to experience a race like never before. You will race against oblivion in this game friv online, how cool is that?

Have you ever heard of Delahaye 165, an amazingly beautiful vehicle created in 1939? The world has forgotten about this vehicle, but you are going to be the only one who can race in it again. Your ultimate goal in this unique racing game is to outrun the power of oblivion, which means it’s a race against time. In order to win in the race against time, you will have to take advantage of the spaces, which means that you can switch back and forth between many universes to increase or decrease your speed.

Moreover, don't forget to avoid every obstacle which can slow you down and don’t leave your path for longer than 3 seconds. If you stray off for more than 3 seconds, your car will fall into oblivion. This is the game which requires your utmost attention and bravery since you might have to race in the dark for a few seconds. Don't be afraid and keep on driving, you will escape in no time. Friv land has lots of cool games such as Ado Stunt Cars 2 and Fastlane Road To Revenge Online

Have a great time at http://friv.land


Use arrow keys to steer, C and V key to switch universes.

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