Tornado .io GamePlay:

Sweep away all the objects from the ground in the city and have fun with the glorious journey in Tornado .io free game now! You will play the role of a huge tornado and try your best to attack the city using your wind forces and speed. There is a huge city with many buildings and different trees, infrastructures, streets, and cars for you to explore.

The task for each player is to control the movement of your own tornado and to move around while avoiding any tornado bigger than you. The rule of the game is that the bigger tornadoes can eat the smaller ones. Therefore, in order to avoid being swallowed up by the other huge players, you need to quickly become the biggest tornado. Moreover, the game comes with a limited time range for each turn. You can keep track of the time using the clock on the right corner of the game screen. On the left, you will find the barometer which calculates the length that you travel.

Let's try to cross as many locations as possible to increase the score! Unlike the ordinary io game at http://friv.land/, this game will allow you to experience a new concept and unique challenges which are different from the usual features. The main character is also special so don't miss out on this amazing multiplayer game! Open up an exciting new world with more games like Bighero.io and carjack.io as well.

Controls: move the tornado with your left mouse.

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