Tornado Giant Rush GamePlay:

When it comes to a tornado, what do you think of it? Its devastation? People are scared of it, right? In a game called Tornado Giant Rush, instead of saving a city or a town from the destruction of a tornado, you will turn a small tornado into the largest one and rush to the finish line. Don’t worry. You won’t control it to destroy anything. Your ultimate objective here is to make the largest tornado and lead it to the finish. On the way, you will see uncountable blocks with different colors as well as many gates. When your tornado goes through a gate, its color will turn into the gate’s color and you can make the tornado become larger by collecting the blocks of the same color.

The more blocks the tornado gets, the larger it becomes. However, you don’t have to collect every single block, even if your tornado is in the smallest size but it crosses the finish line, the mission succeeds. The mission fails only when the tornado becomes smaller and then, disappears because it goes through the blocks that have different colors. This Frivland arcade game isn’t too difficult but its challenging level also increases as you advance. Both gameplay and control mechanics are easy to master.

That’s why kids also enjoy this game. The tornado auto-moves ahead. You just need to make it move to the left or right to avoid obstacles or collect the blocks of the same color. That’s it. Enjoy your spare time here and in other exciting games at friv free online games such as Stack Colors and What a Leg. Don’t forget that new additions are coming on their way.


Use MOUSE to play the game.

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