Bighero.io GamePlay:

Bighero.io is an online game that you can play on friv for free. Bighero.io is a multiplayer game. 

BigHero.io is the hack n slash style game in which you control a character from a top-down view and must kill everything in sight. In this world its win or lose there is no other option so make sure you time your attacks accordingly to hit your enemies with your weapon before they hit you.

You are able to move around the map and as you do you will come across enemies sometimes multiple at once! Make sure you judge the incoming attacks and dodge effectively, when you have an opportunity to attack seize it and kill your opponents swiftly. There are weapon upgrades available to collect as you move around. Good luck!


  • Left click to attack
  • D to use dash

If you are familiar with an old game called Agar.io, you will master this game in no time! More games with the same concept such as cellzioYumy .io at http://friv.land/ are available for free!

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