Trapezio 2 GamePlay:

Trapezio 2 at Frivcom is a cute little 2D platformer in which you must collect silver coins while avoiding enemies, flying robots, spikes, and saws and reaching the red flag to advance to the next level. There are eight levels to complete, with the difficulty increasing as you go. This is the second installment of the original "Trapezio" series.

You will assist him in completing either every level by collecting all of the silver coins without fail. Otherwise, progress to the next level will be impossible. They will use traps, dangerous sharp obstacles, and even the same trapezium in a different color to try to stop the character. Everyone can be jumped over, and if the barrier is too large, use the hero's ability to perform double jumps in Trapezio 2. While jumping, be wary of flying robots. Much fun!

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Use the WASD or Arrow keys for the player's movement.

Use W or Up arrow key twice for double jump.

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