Adventure Escape GamePlay:

Adventure Escape is a simple to play but hard to master game in which all you need to do is to help an adventure escape from a broken ship. He gets stuck here and he can’t get out of there without your help. This mission seems to be easy. If you think so, you are wrong. You hardly go up because the door on each floor of this ship is about closed. At friv Games play, you need to go through it to go up until you reach the top of the ship, your mission is completed.

Timing is essential here and you need to take action at the right time to make sure our space warrior goes higher safely. You have to keep in mind that you don’t help any power-ups or upgrades to help you finish your mission easier like other games. You have to depend on yourself. If you don’t know yet, your character flies up with a jetpack. You fully control it, so make sure you go up and go down skillfully to stay away from the door on friv adventure.

Go through at the moment the door is opened. If the door is about to close, you must go down a little bit to avoid being hit. This escape journey won’t be ended soon. You have to keep your character survive as long as possible and escape from this ship. Play again and again to set a new record each time. Have fun and if you have free time, let’s spend your time on other games such as Super Ninja AdventureSquid impostor Escape and Poppy Huggie Escape.


Click to fly.

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