Treasures of the Mystic Sea GamePlay:

What will you think of when it comes to the ocean? Water, corals, sea animals or pirates and treasure? Treasures of the Mystic Sea will bring you to a journey filled with items related to pirates which make you excited for a long time. This is a match-3 game that doesn’t look like other choices of the same genre. You may haven’t played a game like this before. With the same match-3 gameplay but the thing is different at play friv games.

You will have a different experience. Combine more than 3 same-type items to reveal the secret of the ocean. Many mysteries are waiting for you. Don’t worry. Nothing is scary or terrifying. Everything is fun and exciting. You are sure to want to discover deeper and deeper, from this island to that island and from here to there. Unlike other games that require you to finish each level with limited moves.

On http://friv.land/, you are free to move as many as you want but you have to focus on the time. You are under the pressure of time instead. Collecting items is not your mission. What you do here is to the sanded squares. Remember that those darker ones require multiple passages. Complete each level and take your pirate ship to new lands to experience new adventures and confront new challenges.

You can’t stop until you conquer all 4 slots with several stages. You will find it harder over time and at that moment, you have to put a lot of time and effort to match 3 items of the same types to win. Have a great journey and don’t forget to dock at some other games such as Puppy Blast and Small Archer.

Controls: Play the game by using your left mouse.

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