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Are you curious about the work of a Youtuber? Do you want to learn the process of making money from the video clip? Let's try out Friv online game: Tube Clicker for the most realistic experience with the work of a video owner. In order to gain money, your task is to click on your video player to get money. However, there are more tasks to upgrade the channel and increase the income rather than just clicking on the video.

Streaming is only one option, but with many other boosters and advertisements, your wallet will fill up faster! After you gain a certain number of views, you will have your own money. When you have enough money, you can buy ads to increase your traffic. The ads and boosters will be unlocked when you gain a new subscriber or have an achievement. When you get a lot of traffic and audiences, you won't have to worry about streaming the video on your own anymore. The graphics and design of the friv game are really fun so that the players can enjoy their time with their friends in this game. The best player shall be the one who can coordinate the advertisements with the streaming strategy.

Let's start clicking at http://friv.land. If you like this type of games, you can try out some more games such as Candy Match 3 and 8 Ball Pool Billiards

How to play:

Click and interact with your left mouse.

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