Twitch Clicker GamePlay:

Twitch Clicker is a splendid and superb game which gives you eye-opening experiences at Friv.land. You will help a youtuber to get views and become the leading vlogger. Twitch Clicker free game is ready for usage in jelly go friv. Let’s get started with a brand new technology-related work! Go for it!

You are a youtuber with nickname Holy Thunder Dude from the Twitch Clicker. Click the play button to generate views and money. You see a Prime Loot icon, then click it to start the game. You see a display of the game with many details. You point at a big screen to gain views. The screen is a picture of a boy playing game on jelly go friv games. You have a live stream video. You desire that more and more viewers watch it. 

You see the channel’s name, avatar, subscribers, views, advertisement icon, your money, frame factors. Click on the screen many times until you see the notification. It refers that you have enough money to purchase a fame factor. Fame factors create automatically views per second (v/s). They are very useful. Try to own good frame factors of jelly go friv player games. 

Each click brings you 5 views. The more clicks you do, the more views you gain. You will get a new subscriber with 1000 views. You can buy Organic Views with $15 and Video On Demand with $20. Unlock other functions when you have 100 subscribers, 2000 subscribers, 100000 subscribers, 1 million subscribers, 5 million subscribers and so on.  

You play in the limited time, so be fast. You have 5 minutes to play. Don’t waste it! Set your own record! Make quick clicks to get many views in of jelly go friv online games. All depend on your fingers’ movement and speed. Give it a try! After 5 minutes, the game ends. You know your result and may retry straight away. Break the previous record. Click the advertisement icon when it is green to make some views. After that, you click on the screen to fill that icon with green color again. Anonymous tip brings you some money. 

Introduce this game to your buddies and siblings. Rate it highly. If you have a liking for the game, please send your opinions to us. Play a lot of excellent games such as Bitcoin Clicker and Undead Clickers at http://friv.land/.   

  • Use the mouse to play.
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