Tuu Bot GamePlay:

The yellow robot's journeys begin in the game Tuu Bot at juego friv. To ensure the lifetime of any methodology, including a robot, it takes energy to move and perform some work. Our hero, in particular, appears to require batteries. He's always had a small supply, but it is really running out and does need to be replenished. This forced this same hero to engage on a long trek. The hero couldn't have survived in those hazardous situations if it hadn't been for your extra help.

There are 8 levels to accomplish, with the confusion increasing as you progress. Mines and traps are strewn concerning, and green and red robots, as well as flying intelligent machines, pose a threat. You must clamber over obstacles and bots with precision, and you must receive all of the batteries in Tuu Bot.

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Use the WASD or Arrow keys to movement.

Use W or Up arrow key twice for double jump.

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