Drakes .io GamePlay:

Drakes .io is a hot multiplayer IO game about the dragon. If you think it’s the right time to grill something, let’s jump in the battlefield and burn everything into ash. You enter a battlefield full of other players from around the world. They come here with the aiming to becoming the biggest dragon ever. It’s also your objective.

At play friv Games, you play as a dragon who will fly around and fire on everything on the ground to burn them, from warriors, trees to houses, fields and more. The more you burn, the bigger you grow. Each item has its own value. The big things require you to spend more time on burning but give you a high score while the small things are easy to burn but earn you a small point.

Besides focusing on burning to become bigger, you also have to stay away from those who are bigger than you because they also grill you like grill a steak. It means you die. However, you also can burn the smaller one. On http://friv.land/, each battle last 2 minutes. At the end of the battle, the player with the highest score is the winner. When you are killed by other players, you will respawn and keep your burning journey until the game ends.

Try hard to destroy all objects in your view no matter what it’s a sheep, a cow or a village. Earn more and more points to conquer the leaderboard. Have a great time with other players and you can enjoy more free games on our site such as Mini Royale.io and BotBattles .io.

Instructions: Use your mouse to control your dragon.

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