Wonder Woman Lookalike Contest GamePlay:

Today is the cosplay day. Other Disney princesses want to become a famous cartoon character, wizard or just be themselves but Elsa, Ariel, and Aurora want to turn into Wonder Woman because they are the big fan of her. They have prepared everything to transformation successfully from outfits, accessories to make up products. All that you need to do in Wonder Woman Lookalike Contest is to give them a hand.

Here at friv for kids Games, you need to choose for each of princess a cool outfit, makeup style, hairstyle, and some accessories among tons of items, so they can get ready to come to the cosplay party in the castle. The game offers 6 make up styles of each princess, from light to heavy. You have so much time, so you can apply 6 styles for each and pick out the best one. After that, you change their hairstyle.

Something makes them look powerful and gorgeous at the same time. After satisfying with your choices, next, you mix and match fashion items to create a great combination. There are so many Wonder Woman styles here. All of them looks great and fit each princess perfectly. But which one suit Elsa the best?

Which one makes Aurora more stand out? And which one turn Ariel into real Wonder Woman? Follow your sense of fashion and show off your style. 3 princesses believe in you. They love what you have chosen for them so much. If you want to explore the glamorous fashion world, welcome you to Super Chick Duck and Gater at http://friv.land.

Instructions: Transform each Disney princess by using your mouse.

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