Words Story GamePlay:

A man has been trapped in prison for a long time. Year after year, he never gives up on the plan of escaping from there. Words Story is a fun matching word game about a man escapes from the prison. Your main goals at friv Games is to help him reach the freedom that he has desired for a long time. To do it, you have to type the right word to get useful tools for him.

If you are looking for a great way to stimulate your brain while at the same time having fun, check out this option right away and you won’t waste your time playing for sure. It has a simple and easy rule. Each level offers a certain number of letters. You have to arrange it in the correct order with the available number of blocks, each letter is for each block. There is no limited time or move, so it’s better to think carefully before taking action.

With the meaning word but not the word that the game requires, you still earn rewards. A random letter will be eliminated. With the correct work, you earn coins on http://friv.land. You can use these coins to buy hints to help you overcome the obstacles in certain levels. With a simple concept and rule, along with addictive gameplay, this game suits all ages and it’s also a great choice for those who want to improve their English vocabulary and have a great relaxing moment at the same time. Check out these following games if you want to experience more different gameplay such as Animal Hunters e Rogue Tail.

How to play: Use the left click button to arrange the word.

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