Animal Hunters GamePlay:

You won’t compete against other players in shooting combat but go to the forest and experience a fun hunt. Animal Hunters is a cool and realistic animal shooting game which offers many kinds of animals. It’s not easy to kill them at all. You must be quick and accurate. In the beginning, you start the first hunt with a basic gun. You can choose which animal to hunt first among deer, rabbit, wolf, wild pig and many more. After that, the hunt begins.

You have to shoot down an animal with a limited time at http://friv.land. The time runs out. You have to start from the beginning. The game requires you to complete your mission in this current stage to unlock the new one. You reward coins with a killed animal. You can use these coins to unlock new guns to have a better performance. In each level on play friv, you can’t move around to approach your target closely.

You stand far from them that why you have to show your shooting skill here. Aim accurately and shoot your target. If you miss, that animal will run away and won’t appear against. That means you lose. So, let’s observe carefully and take action accurately. This game is one of the most realistic animal shooting games that you have ever played for sure. Hunt animals for money or simply just for fun. Unlock all weapons and shoot down every single wild animal. Good luck! Enjoy more shooting game such as Rogue Tai and Special Forces.

How to play: Mouse to aim, left mouse button to shoot.

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