Wuggy Crusher GamePlay:

Huggy Wuggy monsters almost dominate the world. These purple monsters are everywhere. You’re in your base but it’s now under the attack of Huggy Wuggy. How can you survive? Here in Wuggy Crusher at Friv games online, if you want to keep your base and your life safe, you have to defeat these monsters before they enter your base. You have no weapons but you have a special kill.

You just need to tap or click on each Huggy Wuggy to kill them. They run towards your base so fast, so if you’re not fast enough, you can’t handle them. You have 3 lives and each life equivalent to one monster entering your base. More than 2 monsters enter your base and you fail. You have to crush your enemies right after they appear on the screen. Keep in your mind that you need to be fast if you don’t want your base to bath in red.

This Frivland com game features 3 stages to unlock the second stage you have to gain 2000 scores and to unlock the final stage, you have to have 4000 scores. Scores are earned by killing monsters. Time passes and you’ll find it much more challenging to kill monsters as more monsters come and they run faster toward you. How can you handle the running speed of the monsters? Your hand’s speed must be faster than those monsters or as fast as them. Otherwise, you definitely lose.

Be prepared yourself for the upcoming challenges. Huggy Wuggy monsters are more powerful than ever. You’re alone in this battle but you still have a chance to win. Good luck and after conquering 3 modes of this game, check out other options such as and Squadron Hero : Alien Invasion.

How to play: Tap or click.